Biyernes, Setyembre 20, 2013

How to prevent your food from being spoiled

Some of us are planning to start a catering business. If you are one of us, then you should start researching on how you will prolong the life of foods and keep it from being spoiled, this will save your business from bad reputation. This article was written by Able Caterer - a Melbourne catering company in Australia. Read the full article to know the proper way of preparing and serving food.

Some catering company might not notice that the food that they are preparing was contaminated. Food contamination is when bacteria are spread between foods, surfaces or equipment. It is most likely to happen when raw foods touches ( or drips onto ) ready-to-eat food, equipment or surfaces. So, if raw meat drips onto a cake in the fridge, bacteria will spread from the meat to the cake.

Food contamination can also happen while preparing the foods. It is necessary for your staff to practice good hygiene while preparing the foods. Some of the good practices of hygiene are: keeping the hair tied and wearing hairnet to prevent from dropping of hair to food; not wearing watches and any kind of jewelries while preparing food; not smoke, spit, chew when preparing foods; avoid touching face and hair and lastly avoid sneezing and coughing while preparing the foods.

Your staff should also cooperate with you if you impose these rules. If you or one of your staff has diarrhea or vomiting, you must not handle food and must not return to work until you have no symptoms for 48 hours. Make sure that your staff will tell you if they have these types of symptoms. If you are not sure whether someone should be working with food, ask for advice from a doctor or the environmental health service at your local authority straight away.

In the venue of catering, you must also do the good practices of hygiene, in addition to that there are also do’s and don’t in food storage. We will tackle that on the part II of the How to prevent your food from being spoiled.

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